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SO not a major metropolis.

Dear Seattle region.
you suck balls.
giant hairy balls.
who the hell closes hardware stores at 6pm, let alone 8 and 9.
nothing from Fed Way to Everett open til or past 10?

deez nuts, you useless pile of drivel and miasma.
sessy haiiirrrr

Merry HoHo and whatnot folks.

For Christmas thus far, I've replaced a toilet's wax seal, marveled at having more space in multiple flash drives than I did in harddrives only 5 years ago, taken a good long shower, finished Season2 of Babylon 5 ( I'm rewatching it all as background noise), made 3 different bootable flash drives for varying purposes, started using the Shapelock as a base for the multidevice USBstand I've been wanting to make for awhile, and pondered designs for having Chris weld up a nice bracket, for when I get the many flatpanel monitors next month. I'm doing a full custom mount, using the jerker desk vertical arms as mount points.
The cleaning continues. More snow days needed!$!#%!#^$!#^$
sessy haiiirrrr


I get to go in late/ miss work tomorrow because the water pipe between meter and house decided to kill itself 20-24 hours ago, and none of us reallly noticed it til we got home from work. 12+ hours of unfettered water flow later. I'm so used to frost layer areas, I didn't even think that the shutoff would be accessible.
No damage in house, or to neighbor's down the hill, where the water's coming out, but we're now running dry, bottled, and prepped for a day or two siege. Luckily, I can turn us on and off at will for shower blasts and toilet refills/ bucket fills with no real ill effect besides some silt.
Poked around some, found some plumbers, BBB'd them, will call in order of decreasing BBB love, and get off the cuff estimates.

On a high point, I get to wake up an hour later tomorrow. whee!
err. today.
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Status:Confused Mood: Bewilderment

Having become more active on Facebook, as it's enabled me to get back in touch with some people I've missed quite a bit, I've noticed a few trends that confuse me.
I know MySpace has it as well, but there I was more able to ignore it- Status/Mood updating. I don't get it. Especially frequent updating of it. It's akin to posting horribly mundane goings on constantly (as ENTIRELY too many Twitter people do, which I ignore entirely, aside from when it shows up in their LJ posts). I'm not sure what the rationale behind it is. It's just removing yourself another degree from actively interacting with people. Instead of folk having to ping you to see what you're up to, they can just refresh, and see your last status.
And all the causes that are one there- hey, great. it's a method for letting people get aware of things thru a popular forum, but the interaction there is HORRIBLY passive as well. I was a group yesterday that had 250,000 members, and had raised all of 3000$. that's a penny each, aggregate. Not so much for the caring, after all. Today I noticed Starbucks is doing a 5c donation on handcrafted drinks. Why not just donate the latte money directly? Sure, it takes a little bit more effort to figure out how, but hey, if you really wanted, THEN you could deduct it from your taxes. Can't do that with a latte.
It's just really bizarre to me how much time people spend on token gestures. No one's been able to really explain it either.

As an aside, anyone who tries to get me into the games and causes, etc on Facebook will fail. It's not you, I just don't use it for that is all. I block the apps as you make me notice them :P
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Was a good week/end. Got the first week of uneventfulness done at work, reviewing 3000 pages of documentation for oddity and inconsistencies. so much toner on my hands. Went to Sev's on Friday for Chris' bday shenanigans, Saturday was lazing about? Sunday I performed an emergency Symphony, and then escorted Sarah through the toughest birthday a budding adult can have. Inadvertently met Josie Nutter for real finally, and learned that taxi drivers get weird when you don't know your destination.
This week has thus far been idle adn gear spinnings, as half the team hasn't permissions, tools, or anything else, and we're frakly tired of looking at our notes on the printouts. It's 74 degrees in here at least, because glass faced buildings suck when you don't want to spend money cooling them. What is it with me and retarded ventilation jobs, christ.
I'm restoring several dozen items back to the projects list now that I'll be able to afford them. Local folk, prepare. I'll have need of some of your bodies, and have a project in mind for the couples out there as well. I need to find a tiiiinnnyyyyy relatively fit girl, and a ridiculously fit woman as well. And to convince Vadim that shaving his chest for art is a worthwhile pursuit.
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bouncing around for pics of my hometown, I found this set on Flickr that covers the entire county. I've been to a good 3/4 of these locations, and can still remember where a good third of them are.
I wish I could find abandoned/old historical places like it out here.

more shots of the area I grew up. took my driving test right here if the upper left corner kept going for about 5 more lengths of the photo, that's where I grew up. bottom center is the Mobil station I owe a great many cases of ice cream and Coke 2 liters to }cough{. these show how alot of the older homes in town looked, as well as the slaughterhouse that was out of commission long before I was running around town getting in trouble. my house was just behind this and two to the right. it was also a great hiding place. this one adjoins the old high school, and I walked by it every day. right across from the Cumberland Farms (like a 7-11) lots of this in the area.

Google Maps makes for fun. I used to run around an area this large
now it's about this big only without the portion to the left of the water, West of Seattle/ North of Tacoma. without friends cars, it's more like about this big, just on public transit
when I was in Boston, it was about this big, all via public transit.
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Physiological Curiousities

if I drink a few sodas, spiking my sugar levels 'massively', I get cloudy in the head, can't think straight, etc. that's one of the reasons I initially wondered about diabetes ( let alone the passing out at work after breakfast).
but if I pair it with about 25% alcohol, clarity is nearly ensured, up to the point where the alcohol starts affecting me (near 500ml on a good day- and by good I mean it actually starts affecting me at that point.)
it's...odd to me, as I used to have that degree of clarity and focus on a normal diet/ no alcohol in my 20s.
I don't much get that these days- I'm hoping the rampup in cardio will bring me back to the older physiological awesomeness, but still...