Kieth (nder) wrote,

So on Saturday, I went to what is apparently the only movie set in Seattle, to do work as an extra. The flick is Ira Finkelstein's Christmas, with Elliot Gould, and the youngest DeLuise son. It was a metafilming, shooting a scene of shooting a scene, so we extras got to play the part of background crew- makeup, grips, etc...
We were given a basic rundown of what was going to go on, and as the extras wrangler hadn't seen the scene yet ( as it hadn't been run through yet), we sat on the side and watched a few rehearsal takes. The neat part was on the first take, the bimbo character was screwing up constantly... so we were all confused and whatnot. Only on the second take did we realize that actually WAS the scene... The bimbo (The eighth reindeer), screws up the scene 3 times, then DeLuise takes a call from IRA, and the extras fly around the scene for a minute while the principals do silly things in background.
13 angles, several takes per angle, and very few mistakes made. It was fun, and being surrounded by so many competent people who knew what they had to do, and just did it, was frigging refreshing. My clompy footwear caused an issue on 3 of the closer takes, but it wasn't a real issue.
It was alot of fun, and I'd definitely do it again.
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