Kieth (nder) wrote,

I WAS enjoying that chai...

walked out of work today. didn't even make it a half hour.

When I took the job, all I wanted to do was test, break some software, and learn automation things. I wound up on a mostly manual testing team (which is fine, I'm THE complete noob of the group), which gives em exposure to our automated toolsets, but doesn't require me to customize it at all (though I can write whatever I want- I've been fleshing out ideas lately, due to the past 2 months).

I expressly didn't want to be 'the hot shit go to guy', like I've done innumerable times already out here. I just wanted to do my work, have a clear head at end of day, and spend my brainpower at studio. Instead, I wind up a section lead, paired with the other new new guy, on a section that winds up having itself flipped upside down, new paradigms needed, and oh, nothing existing will really work, so figure out new stuff. And I get few to no answers to my queries. And my compatriout is a lazy spiteful shit who can't be bothered to show up 10% of the time, and when he IS there, spends 1/3 of his time outside the lab smoking, dicking around on need for speed, or sticking twigs in his ass, I've no idea.
Not being able to claim overtime is also bullshit. I'm at about 2500$ worth now that I'll never see in all likelihood. And expected to more or less keep pace with the other groups that only have bad code to contend with ( most days I don't even get that far, as I can't test, due to broken infrastructure/machines...)

If nothing really changes in the next few months, be prepared for one hell of a nerdy yard sale.
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