Kieth (nder) wrote,

le update.

Went to PAX on Saturday, had fun- legs are killing me from being vertical for 8 hours. Saw the Runic guys, who used to be Flagship North, and it still amazes me that they've pulled off what they have in ten months. from opening the IDE to in under a year. I've never seen Travis look so tired, good christ :)
Randomly ran into only about a dozenish people I know- which is weird. I'll assume the rest were all dirty tabletop gamers keeping themselves sequestered ;P Met up with Jeri Ellsworth and some of the other folk from IRC, and went to Cheesecake Factory before coming back to make sweet, sweet love to percocet.

Was laid off at the end of last week, which enabled me to go in the first place. People have been weirded out that I'm completely unaffected by it, aside from the ever so minor annoyance of not being able to rent shop space until I find another gig- but oh noes, that's what, a month or three?

Currently waiting on some orders to come in so I can begin working on next uber project. 1500+ different mechanical movements shall be mine.
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