Kieth (nder) wrote,

Ahh, change.

So my summer off to relax and enjoy was quickly aborted by getting hired on at a palce I used to really enjoy working at, 5 years ago. So no summer off for me. But I'm getting plenty of time outside, so much so that by rotating my arms, I transform between cholo/gringo (it's funny, shut up). I'm even peeling now. I haven't peeled in... 20 years?
So I've been SLOWLY setting up at the new place- I've gotten shelving brackets up (damned 1/2 inch variance!), and am finding that they don't make pressboard shelves like they used to. I'll need to put a supprot bracket on every beam, thanks to my glorious hardback references of nonfictiony doom mania. hell, the softback 8x10 sized book shelf is even bowing some- ridiculous. I'm debating integrating a desk into the shelving, to save a little space,and to neaten up everything. Once I get the flatscreens, it'd be really viable, and fun- I might finally grab a welder and put together some proper brackets for it all.
Work's been fun, but a great deal has changed since I was last there, so adapting to new tools and processes has been a little rough. Eh, I give it a month before I'm comfy again :) It's nice being in a 'sane' environment with a bunch of nutjobs again though.
I also, having managed somehow to pay off all the utilities before moving, and getting some initial deposit monies back upgraded my phone again. This is notable only because of the frequency with which I upgrade. I've had my plan for 8+ years now, and I'm finally on my 3rd phone. model, and physical object - I've never had to replace one.
I first had a Kyocera 2255- the only issue it had was the screen contacts would get the superfine dust under them, and the screen would stop showing characters. After almost 4 years, I upgraded to a Sanyo RL-4920, which was a trooper- that thing went thru the washer and dryer more times than not. I've never been happy with smartphones- they weren't. The iPhone was the first legitimately web viable phone out, but I'm not a fan of apple's nickle and dime shtick, so I waited, and got my now 3rd phone, a palm pre. I don't normally do 1st gen buys, but I was badly needing a new phone, and wanted the mobility it would give me, as well.

yes, that's a Noel/Kevin background. calm down

Swimming's been nice the past month- I'm trying to go at least 3 days a week, but need to temper it with my legs spazzing out from all the new motion. Luckily, there's now a hottub to help with that as well. The place is so quiet, and so well lit- I can't blather on enough about how much better I feel in it, than I ahve most of the past decade. When we got the factoria house's ducts cleaned out, the poor guy was amazed we could breathe at all- the crap he got out of the ducts, after the 6 years of our being there... I sleep and breathe very easily now. And this is good.
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