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So, yesterday ended the 11 day move. This sounds like a huge undertaking, but it was mostly 10 days of carloads, with 1 day of "ok, Kieth, Peter and Heather got this" truck mania big stuff run. I remain amused at Bryan's 'they don't talk- they move like one mind, wtf' moment :)
The hard part of the move was going thru all my stuff, disassembling, packing safely, and deciding what really wasn't needed anymore. On a high point, I don't accumulate that much useless crap- so I only maybe threw out 55 gallons of stuff- mostly old paperwork and magazines. I'm very glad I dusted as I packed, or this place would be a danger zone. This coming week will be setup, which is comparatively a minor undertaking. I expect I'll have a wall of shelves.

The new place is exactly what I needed. SO airy, so much daylight, brightness, quiet. I continually wake up at 6am to the brightness, check my phone, and go back to bed for several more hours. Normally, waking up to a bright room means I've horribly overslept. I've begun dreaming again- wildly vivid dreams, and the majority of which involve people I know- which isn't typically the case for me. I've a feeling my brain is sorting nearly a decade of diminished existence- as I've been living without direct sunlight for a majority of it. This explains my hermitage and 'cranky old man' bits. I've also missed ceiling fans in airy spaces. Who needs air conditioning.

I've also been existing on the net the last week entirely via netbook. I still think I'll build my research mania desktops, but I think I'll pare down otherwise to one machine for gaming(when I can be bothered to build it) and a file server box. Living light has been nice. I plan, as I setup what I've moved, to see what all else I can eliminate. I came out here with a 4'x4'x4' pallet of things, bought a bed and a desk, and crammed that all into a 6'x9' room for 3 years. then I got the uberroom, 15'x22', and decompressed all the stuff, added a couch, mini fridge and a second desk, and filled that room... I'll enjoy packing everything into nice neatness again.

I'll also enjoy when my body's done with it's revolt. I've lost 3 inches from the move, pissed off my legs and back something fierce, and am now working to loosen my locked neck through shoulder blades up. There shall be a hot tub in my near future. I'll show off my rocking t-shirt tan of doom.
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