Kieth (nder) wrote,

Republic of Dunces

I'm increasingly at a loss as to how sheer stupidity has become a currency. I've been noticing it in a specific age range as well (17-24 yr olds).
Let me start off with a HUGE caveat. I'm by no... ok, any means an angel- I've gotten away with more shit than any 5 people I know put together. I'm not proud of most of it all, but have no issue recalling the events, as they tend to make for amusing memories. That, and the past is the past- I can't change it. The key thing to all of it though is that I never got caught. And if I HAD, I wouldn't be giddy about it, telling the details of my idiocy to others, like it makes me hot shit.

Today's example:
Two 18ish yr olds get on bus behind me, and the one starts going on about exploits. Things that come to light:
it's easy to steal from grocery stores (this we knew)
he then details his five favorite things TO take.
from which store.
mentions he's on parole- for another month.
but is still shoplifting like mad.
Goes on to tell about how he took a 24pack of Coors from the display in front of store, tossed like 6 of the cans into his backpack on way back to car, goes to public park during daylight, and sits there with a friend drinking them, when he's surprised a cop rolls up on him. They bolt, and he gets away. All while still on parole.
He then details how his parents are paying for his place down by the Chevron, by RTC, and it costs a grand- but he doesn't care- he doesn't pay. But notes that he doesn't have a computer there because his parents don't think he's responsible.

A few months ago, there was a girl relating how she was on parole for 5 years, because she got a DUI at 16. Why 5 years? She hit a PARKED cop car at 30 mph. Didn't realize it, and kept going. Went on about how it sucked, and was a bullshit rap, etc etc... and how she would only smoke the day or two after her drugtests, so she wouldn't get caught.

There's dozens of other examples I can't recall, because I wipe this crap from my brain a few hours after I witness it. Juggalos are bad enough... but seriously... stupid as currency???
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