Kieth (nder) wrote,


From my 2003 post:
I'm mildly allergic to cats n dogs- moreso to ragweed (knew all that) and deathly deathly so (he was impressed by my histamine blister power action skills) in regards to alder, birch, then more or less normal reactions to hazelnut, maple, oak, and willow pollens. bluegrass italian rye and timothy too (timmay!!)
weed pollen I knew I was hit or miss on, but was surprised with rabbit and mites. mites not so much so, but how I survived childhood with a dozen rabbits is a mystery now.

I've described the allergy test to dozens of people since then... but the short of it is:
That's a normal reaction to allergens- about dime sized reactions.
My reaction, to alder and birch?
Filled the gap between 2 in this image (aka, upper edge of dog to lower edge of grass, in one big ol' circle.) (we only did 2 rows of 10 per arm, so nothing touched.)

This, is why I die out here, become a danger from the meds, and need to leave.
And I will, though many doubt it and a few don't want it.
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