Kieth (nder) wrote,

Change is good.

Sometime in the next few months, I will be moving to yet another domicile in the Seattle area. Don't ask where, we haven't picked a place yet. Tom's moving back to the region after 2.5 years, as he's gone blue, and will be bringing the familia Canadia down with a few months later once ze papers have cleared. So sometime around July/August, I'll be residing in new digs- the current plan is for me and Bryan to just get a kosher 2br together. Something with a pool would be nice.

Initially I was annoyed at having to move now, as the original goal was to move out of state by year's end. But with money things how they are all over, and my contract being extended til March, I'll likely ride it out that far, and have alot more to move with in the process. The more I save, the greater the options. And I'm a fan of options, especially when they make my life easier.

I've been thinking about it the past few days, and have realized that moving now WILL be a good thing for me. I've gotten so complacent here, running the roost, not having to do much aside from cleanup after the slackers, collect the monies, and make a bank trip monthly. I've been in this one house for 6 years now. I'll miss the garage space, and the workspace, but that'll just force me to work on smaller format work, like I used to, and miss dearly. I'll have to rework all my workspaces, to fit a far small environment- and with it now being two of us sharing spaces, and both of us hating now dull our individual spaces are now, we'll actually get around to some decorating, instead of all the hodge podge amalgam that this house is, courtesy of craigslist.

Here's to good times, and depackratting in the extreme.
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