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I am going to eat salvation.
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Tuesday, April 26th, 2011
11:16 am
So on Saturday, I went to what is apparently the only movie set in Seattle, to do work as an extra. The flick is Ira Finkelstein's Christmas, with Elliot Gould, and the youngest DeLuise son. It was a metafilming, shooting a scene of shooting a scene, so we extras got to play the part of background crew- makeup, grips, etc...
We were given a basic rundown of what was going to go on, and as the extras wrangler hadn't seen the scene yet ( as it hadn't been run through yet), we sat on the side and watched a few rehearsal takes. The neat part was on the first take, the bimbo character was screwing up constantly... so we were all confused and whatnot. Only on the second take did we realize that actually WAS the scene... The bimbo (The eighth reindeer), screws up the scene 3 times, then DeLuise takes a call from IRA, and the extras fly around the scene for a minute while the principals do silly things in background.
13 angles, several takes per angle, and very few mistakes made. It was fun, and being surrounded by so many competent people who knew what they had to do, and just did it, was frigging refreshing. My clompy footwear caused an issue on 3 of the closer takes, but it wasn't a real issue.
It was alot of fun, and I'd definitely do it again.
Sunday, August 29th, 2010
10:06 pm
It's Elementary.
Leave it to the brits to prove that I'm not a psychopath, but instead a highly functioning sociopath.
Monday, July 26th, 2010
11:58 am
I WAS enjoying that chai...
walked out of work today. didn't even make it a half hour.

When I took the job, all I wanted to do was test, break some software, and learn automation things. I wound up on a mostly manual testing team (which is fine, I'm THE complete noob of the group), which gives em exposure to our automated toolsets, but doesn't require me to customize it at all (though I can write whatever I want- I've been fleshing out ideas lately, due to the past 2 months).

I expressly didn't want to be 'the hot shit go to guy', like I've done innumerable times already out here. I just wanted to do my work, have a clear head at end of day, and spend my brainpower at studio. Instead, I wind up a section lead, paired with the other new new guy, on a section that winds up having itself flipped upside down, new paradigms needed, and oh, nothing existing will really work, so figure out new stuff. And I get few to no answers to my queries. And my compatriout is a lazy spiteful shit who can't be bothered to show up 10% of the time, and when he IS there, spends 1/3 of his time outside the lab smoking, dicking around on need for speed, or sticking twigs in his ass, I've no idea.
Not being able to claim overtime is also bullshit. I'm at about 2500$ worth now that I'll never see in all likelihood. And expected to more or less keep pace with the other groups that only have bad code to contend with ( most days I don't even get that far, as I can't test, due to broken infrastructure/machines...)

If nothing really changes in the next few months, be prepared for one hell of a nerdy yard sale.
Friday, April 2nd, 2010
1:53 pm
Monday, March 1st, 2010
12:22 am
(I promise, the next one will be more social than straight sciency, but for now...)

Gravity was only ever 1/10th of what it is now- or we're colonizing a planet where it's that way. regardless.
A 200lb person would now weigh 20. Musculature would reflect gravity,not what we know now. Ignore skeletal differences for now. We'll keep the atmosphere as thick as it is now.

How do you think things would be different/ be done differently on the colony. Physically, socially, etc.
Friday, February 19th, 2010
10:52 am
Saturday, February 6th, 2010
3:47 am
A solution is found for telomere replication errors, effectively doubling your lifespan. you'll now live to about 160, all aging effects halved, as we know them now.

How would you change your approach to how you live your life, what would you start doing/ doing differently once the treatment was given and took hold.
Monday, September 7th, 2009
3:57 pm
le update.
Went to PAX on Saturday, had fun- legs are killing me from being vertical for 8 hours. Saw the Runic guys, who used to be Flagship North, and it still amazes me that they've pulled off what they have in ten months. from opening the IDE to http://www.torchlightgame.com/ in under a year. I've never seen Travis look so tired, good christ :)
Randomly ran into only about a dozenish people I know- which is weird. I'll assume the rest were all dirty tabletop gamers keeping themselves sequestered ;P Met up with Jeri Ellsworth and some of the other folk from IRC, and went to Cheesecake Factory before coming back to make sweet, sweet love to percocet.

Was laid off at the end of last week, which enabled me to go in the first place. People have been weirded out that I'm completely unaffected by it, aside from the ever so minor annoyance of not being able to rent shop space until I find another gig- but oh noes, that's what, a month or three?

Currently waiting on some orders to come in so I can begin working on next uber project. 1500+ different mechanical movements shall be mine.
Wednesday, August 26th, 2009
2:28 am
I got bored.

yes, the non-macro shots are crap- need way more light.
Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009
10:39 am
Monday, July 13th, 2009
9:03 pm
Ahh, change.
So my summer off to relax and enjoy was quickly aborted by getting hired on at a palce I used to really enjoy working at, 5 years ago. So no summer off for me. But I'm getting plenty of time outside, so much so that by rotating my arms, I transform between cholo/gringo (it's funny, shut up). I'm even peeling now. I haven't peeled in... 20 years?
So I've been SLOWLY setting up at the new place- I've gotten shelving brackets up (damned 1/2 inch variance!), and am finding that they don't make pressboard shelves like they used to. I'll need to put a supprot bracket on every beam, thanks to my glorious hardback references of nonfictiony doom mania. hell, the softback 8x10 sized book shelf is even bowing some- ridiculous. I'm debating integrating a desk into the shelving, to save a little space,and to neaten up everything. Once I get the flatscreens, it'd be really viable, and fun- I might finally grab a welder and put together some proper brackets for it all.
Work's been fun, but a great deal has changed since I was last there, so adapting to new tools and processes has been a little rough. Eh, I give it a month before I'm comfy again :) It's nice being in a 'sane' environment with a bunch of nutjobs again though.
I also, having managed somehow to pay off all the utilities before moving, and getting some initial deposit monies back upgraded my phone again. This is notable only because of the frequency with which I upgrade. I've had my plan for 8+ years now, and I'm finally on my 3rd phone. model, and physical object - I've never had to replace one.
I first had a Kyocera 2255- the only issue it had was the screen contacts would get the superfine dust under them, and the screen would stop showing characters. After almost 4 years, I upgraded to a Sanyo RL-4920, which was a trooper- that thing went thru the washer and dryer more times than not. I've never been happy with smartphones- they weren't. The iPhone was the first legitimately web viable phone out, but I'm not a fan of apple's nickle and dime shtick, so I waited, and got my now 3rd phone, a palm pre. I don't normally do 1st gen buys, but I was badly needing a new phone, and wanted the mobility it would give me, as well.
A very silly pic of my celphone chronology.Collapse )
Swimming's been nice the past month- I'm trying to go at least 3 days a week, but need to temper it with my legs spazzing out from all the new motion. Luckily, there's now a hottub to help with that as well. The place is so quiet, and so well lit- I can't blather on enough about how much better I feel in it, than I ahve most of the past decade. When we got the factoria house's ducts cleaned out, the poor guy was amazed we could breathe at all- the crap he got out of the ducts, after the 6 years of our being there... I sleep and breathe very easily now. And this is good.
Monday, June 15th, 2009
4:53 pm
So, yesterday ended the 11 day move. This sounds like a huge undertaking, but it was mostly 10 days of carloads, with 1 day of "ok, Kieth, Peter and Heather got this" truck mania big stuff run. I remain amused at Bryan's 'they don't talk- they move like one mind, wtf' moment :)
The hard part of the move was going thru all my stuff, disassembling, packing safely, and deciding what really wasn't needed anymore. On a high point, I don't accumulate that much useless crap- so I only maybe threw out 55 gallons of stuff- mostly old paperwork and magazines. I'm very glad I dusted as I packed, or this place would be a danger zone. This coming week will be setup, which is comparatively a minor undertaking. I expect I'll have a wall of shelves.

The new place is exactly what I needed. SO airy, so much daylight, brightness, quiet. I continually wake up at 6am to the brightness, check my phone, and go back to bed for several more hours. Normally, waking up to a bright room means I've horribly overslept. I've begun dreaming again- wildly vivid dreams, and the majority of which involve people I know- which isn't typically the case for me. I've a feeling my brain is sorting nearly a decade of diminished existence- as I've been living without direct sunlight for a majority of it. This explains my hermitage and 'cranky old man' bits. I've also missed ceiling fans in airy spaces. Who needs air conditioning.

I've also been existing on the net the last week entirely via netbook. I still think I'll build my research mania desktops, but I think I'll pare down otherwise to one machine for gaming(when I can be bothered to build it) and a file server box. Living light has been nice. I plan, as I setup what I've moved, to see what all else I can eliminate. I came out here with a 4'x4'x4' pallet of things, bought a bed and a desk, and crammed that all into a 6'x9' room for 3 years. then I got the uberroom, 15'x22', and decompressed all the stuff, added a couch, mini fridge and a second desk, and filled that room... I'll enjoy packing everything into nice neatness again.

I'll also enjoy when my body's done with it's revolt. I've lost 3 inches from the move, pissed off my legs and back something fierce, and am now working to loosen my locked neck through shoulder blades up. There shall be a hot tub in my near future. I'll show off my rocking t-shirt tan of doom.
Sunday, May 24th, 2009
2:33 am
Friday, May 15th, 2009
6:14 pm
Republic of Dunces
I'm increasingly at a loss as to how sheer stupidity has become a currency. I've been noticing it in a specific age range as well (17-24 yr olds).
Let me start off with a HUGE caveat. I'm by no... ok, any means an angel- I've gotten away with more shit than any 5 people I know put together. I'm not proud of most of it all, but have no issue recalling the events, as they tend to make for amusing memories. That, and the past is the past- I can't change it. The key thing to all of it though is that I never got caught. And if I HAD, I wouldn't be giddy about it, telling the details of my idiocy to others, like it makes me hot shit.

Today's example:
Two 18ish yr olds get on bus behind me, and the one starts going on about exploits. Things that come to light:
it's easy to steal from grocery stores (this we knew)
he then details his five favorite things TO take.
from which store.
mentions he's on parole- for another month.
but is still shoplifting like mad.
Goes on to tell about how he took a 24pack of Coors from the display in front of store, tossed like 6 of the cans into his backpack on way back to car, goes to public park during daylight, and sits there with a friend drinking them, when he's surprised a cop rolls up on him. They bolt, and he gets away. All while still on parole.
He then details how his parents are paying for his place down by the Chevron, by RTC, and it costs a grand- but he doesn't care- he doesn't pay. But notes that he doesn't have a computer there because his parents don't think he's responsible.

A few months ago, there was a girl relating how she was on parole for 5 years, because she got a DUI at 16. Why 5 years? She hit a PARKED cop car at 30 mph. Didn't realize it, and kept going. Went on about how it sucked, and was a bullshit rap, etc etc... and how she would only smoke the day or two after her drugtests, so she wouldn't get caught.

There's dozens of other examples I can't recall, because I wipe this crap from my brain a few hours after I witness it. Juggalos are bad enough... but seriously... stupid as currency???
Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009
2:34 pm
bay of pigs invasion.
Billy Joel's 'We Didnt Start The Fire" is juuust about 20 yrs old now.
lots of new things could be added, if a few new verses were to be added to it.
What newsworthy things should be included, were this to happen.
(covering 1989-2009, that is)
Monday, April 13th, 2009
8:50 pm
I'm looking to make some x/y scanners for various uses. the initial one only needs to be able to scan a 4x3 area past 60hz. let's go with...8'x6' at 10 feet. the second I want to interface from a laptop, and write text/imagery.
anyone made one before?
Thursday, April 9th, 2009
9:52 pm
From my 2003 post:
I'm mildly allergic to cats n dogs- moreso to ragweed (knew all that) and deathly deathly so (he was impressed by my histamine blister power action skills) in regards to alder, birch, then more or less normal reactions to hazelnut, maple, oak, and willow pollens. bluegrass italian rye and timothy too (timmay!!)
weed pollen I knew I was hit or miss on, but was surprised with rabbit and mites. mites not so much so, but how I survived childhood with a dozen rabbits is a mystery now.

I've described the allergy test to dozens of people since then... but the short of it is:
That's a normal reaction to allergens- about dime sized reactions.
My reaction, to alder and birch?
Filled the gap between 2 in this image (aka, upper edge of dog to lower edge of grass, in one big ol' circle.) (we only did 2 rows of 10 per arm, so nothing touched.)

This, is why I die out here, become a danger from the meds, and need to leave.
And I will, though many doubt it and a few don't want it.
Sunday, April 5th, 2009
11:45 pm
Change is good.
Sometime in the next few months, I will be moving to yet another domicile in the Seattle area. Don't ask where, we haven't picked a place yet. Tom's moving back to the region after 2.5 years, as he's gone blue, and will be bringing the familia Canadia down with a few months later once ze papers have cleared. So sometime around July/August, I'll be residing in new digs- the current plan is for me and Bryan to just get a kosher 2br together. Something with a pool would be nice.

Initially I was annoyed at having to move now, as the original goal was to move out of state by year's end. But with money things how they are all over, and my contract being extended til March, I'll likely ride it out that far, and have alot more to move with in the process. The more I save, the greater the options. And I'm a fan of options, especially when they make my life easier.

I've been thinking about it the past few days, and have realized that moving now WILL be a good thing for me. I've gotten so complacent here, running the roost, not having to do much aside from cleanup after the slackers, collect the monies, and make a bank trip monthly. I've been in this one house for 6 years now. I'll miss the garage space, and the workspace, but that'll just force me to work on smaller format work, like I used to, and miss dearly. I'll have to rework all my workspaces, to fit a far small environment- and with it now being two of us sharing spaces, and both of us hating now dull our individual spaces are now, we'll actually get around to some decorating, instead of all the hodge podge amalgam that this house is, courtesy of craigslist.

Here's to good times, and depackratting in the extreme.
Wednesday, March 11th, 2009
11:53 am
Thursday, February 26th, 2009
7:04 am
I'm going mildly stir crazy being sick more than a day and missing days of work, right after a 4 day weekend. meh.
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